The miracle hair mask that make your hairs grow in 7 days


Simply take a proper diet

Simply take a proper diet, and it is going to automatically be reflected in the hair. Thus, avoid lightening your hair by a couple of shades, and instead decide on a subtle hair color change in case you have damaged hair. If you’ve got normal hair, utilize the entire egg.

Hair masks normally have instructions about how to apply and use them. They can be used to get back the natural beauty of the hair. Applying the hair mask once a week for approximately 45 minutes will help you in the very long run.

Long-lasting moisturizing

Not only does this give long-lasting moisturizing to hair, it’s also fantastic for dandruff and similar dry scalp troubles. Even though it can weigh off your hair and should you use too much make it seem oily. Aside from relaxers, lots of people also elect for hair straightening using irons. So now you know how to relax hair with natural relaxers, you don’t need to utilize chemicals and pricey products. First and foremost step to acquire your hair back is to acquire the guidebook and DVD. If you’ve got dry hair, utilize the egg yolk.

Clean your hair regularly

Always make sure you clean your hair regularly and make sure it remains healthy. Hair is the crown of the human body. Over time my very own little stray hair has acquired many friends and I’ve acquired a little bit of knowledge on dealing with them that I felt might be of help to pass on.


  • one banana
  • 1 egg
  • one tbsp. honey
  • 1/2 cup of black beer


Blend all the ingredients to gather.
Apply the this mixture on your entire head, concentrating at the roots and ends.
Leave the mask for 1-2 hours.
Rinse off and wash your hairs as you do in your daily routine.

NOTE: Use this mask daily for 7 days and trust me you will get the best result


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